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A lucky first lottery winning ticket

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A lucky first  lottery winning ticket

 A British teenager by the name of Sam Lawton won £120,000 on the first-ever lottery ticket he bought online. The 19-year-old, who is already a father of one, couldn’t be happier with his lucky lottery win.

The teenager, who is a former Campion School pupil, told lottery officials that the first thing he plans to do with his amazing lottery win is to pay for driving lessons. He said he will also be buying his first car.

“I haven’t passed my test and with a small family I need wheels, maybe a BMW 1 series.”

Sam, who recently had a baby with girlfriend Connie Bell, 20, said that the lottery win will enable the young family to buy their first house.

The couple also stated that they would like to visit friends in New York.

The happy dad said, “I can’t actually believe that I’m going to be able to do these things – and do them right now.

“Everything still seems quite unreal – the news really is still sinking in.

While speaking about the lucky day, Sam said that it was while he was having a bath that he became inspired by another lottery winner’s story.

“I was in the bath and just thought that I’d have a go”

He said that he had just watched Dean Weymes, 24, scoop the top prize on the national news online and decided to also buy a lucky lottery ticket.

In the comfort of his bath, he purchased a ticket just in time.

“I downloaded the National Lottery app in the bath, put a tenner in my account and then played a Lucky Dip.”

By the time he got out of the bath and went downstairs, he saw that the lottery results were out, and he’d won the game’s second prize!

“It was only an hour, maybe 90 minutes, after I first played when I saw a message on my phone, and it said I’d won the second prize – £10k a month for 12 months.”

Sam told lottery officials that it was the first time that he had purchased a lottery ticket, so he asked his partner Connie to have a look. Neither of them had played the lottery before and they had to call Connie’s brother to double-check if they had in fact won.

“We checked the tickets and sat there in disbelief wondering if it was true.”






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