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Property feud brewing between woman and county over easement line | Top Stories

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GRAND BLANC TWP, Mich. (WJRT) – A battle over a fence could cost one Grand Blanc Township woman $8,000.

It’s a resident versus county feud brewing. The Genesee County Drain Commission says there is an easement along the creek that needed maintenance and her fence had to go. The home owner claims her fence was on her property, and she’s calling foul.

The Drain Commissioner says this is crucial work requested by homeowner associations, residents, and even the Township!

“Personally we feel violated. I mean, we pay our taxes. But, you know, just the lack of communication and the lack of notice,” said Ottawa Hills subdivision resident Mary Schaeffer.

She’s one of several to see her yard damaged by contractors in the last week.

Schaeffer said that while she received a notice letter in June, it wasn’t clear whether her fence had to be removed for the job. She only found that out when the project manager came knocking just days before work began.

“And the county said they’re not responsible for putting the fences back up. It’s all on us. We have to eat up whatever damage they cause,” Schaeffer complained.

She said replacing the custom-built barrier might cost up to $8,000.

Kevin Sylvester, Deputy Drain Commissioner for Genesee, said riverbeds are supposed to have easements large enough to allow work vehicles. That way, this kind of job can be done without disturbing anyone’s yards. In this case, an earlier owner may have put the fence out too far.

“As far as I understand, no damages have occurred to houses or properties outside of the easement. Now, if you’re talking about things inside the utility easement, those items should never have been put there in the first place,” Sylvester explained.

However, he added there’s some wiggle room.

“Even if it’s in the utility right of way, we welcome them reaching out to our office and we could try to work with them and see if it’s possible to work out some kind of reimbursement,” he said.

Meanwhile, some neighbors, like Geneva Strachen, told ABC12 it’s not all bad. While her flowerbed was disturbed, Strachen said she’s happy to see the creek clean again.

“It was an eyesore. Dead trees, some of them had fallen over. So yes. I am very happy and pleased,” she said with a smile.

ABC12 checked with Schaeffer, who said the fence was not on the utility easement. Additionally, she said she’s going to try getting reimbursed.

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