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The highest lottery pools?Some of the lotteries are known worldwide – Powerball, Mega Millions or Eurojackpot to name a few. Until some time ago, a lotto fan was required to visit a local lottery office or a convenience store to buy a ticket. That made the lotteries available only to the players who were able to acquire a ticket at their place of residency. Foreigners were able to get a ticket only during vacation or an occasional trip to the country of origin of a particular lottery. It’s all in the past now, as all the lotteries are available without any restrictions. You can even get a lotto ticket from the comfort of your home through a lottery online website just like ours.Speaking of  winnings– how big are they exactly? Prepare for a surprise, as the numbers are really breathtaking.

Guaranteed prize pools

Each lottery has its own rules about the prize pool. Some of them have a constant minimum, while others depend on the numbers of ticket sold before a particular draw. Whatever the rules are, the prizes are definitely worth playing for.

What is the minimum guaranteed jackpot in the world’s biggest lotteries?  

– The minimum jackpot in Powerball is $20 million but its current jackpot stands at $325 millions.

– The minimum jackpot in EuroMillions is €17 million but the current jackpot stands at €99 millions.

– The minimum jackpot in UK Lotto is £2,5 million on Wednesday and £5 million on Saturday

– The minimum jackpot in SuperEnalotto is €1,3 million the current jackpot stands at €188 millions,

– The minimum jackpot in Mega Millions is $20 million. The current jackpot stands at $20 millions ,since last week’s big winner walked away with $128 million.

– The minimum jackpot in Eurojackpot is €10 million the current jackpot stands at €19

There are literally millions of reasons to play lotto. There are numerous opportunities too, because having the possibility to play lotto online allows you to participate in a draw almost everyday. You should join the lotto players society too,as we have a big lottery jackpot currently on offer ,in order to turn you into a millionaire from day to tonight.






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