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Today mindblowing lotto winners stories

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Today mindblowing lotto winners storiesThe odds may not be ever in your favor, but winning the lottery CAN happen to you! And it did happen to these five people. Check out these stories of real-life windfalls!

The Seven-Time Winner

They say the odds of winning the lottery are one in fourteen million—yet one Florida man (who had never bought a ticket prior to his first win) is reported to have won the lottery seven times!

He now offers strategies and tips to fellow players. One of those tips? Make sure your numbers aren’t birth dates. Who knew?!

Imagination at Play

A British family played an unusual game: they pretended to win the lottery. This included posting photos of themselves holding a fake winning ticket. Imagine their elation the very next day when they discovered they were real winners. Talk about fortune foretold.

Remember to Forget

A man in Massachusetts won the same lottery twice . . . by accident! He bought a ticket using his favorite string of numbers, totally forgetting that his family had given him a season pass to the Massachusetts lottery, which means he gets automatically entered to each drawing, with the same numbers. Turns out he had the winning ticket twice! The chance of this happening? One in 985,517.

Modern-Day Bonnie and Clyde

After stealing money from the Pennsylvania grocery store where they worked, a fifty-something couple used their ill-gotten gains to buy a lottery ticket and won a million dollars . While they did spend some of these winnings, they were later caught.

Tell us below how you would spend your unexpected windfall. Would you save, spend it wisely, or splurge?





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